Hosting a FREE Dinner is simple:

We will show how to cut your cooking time in half while maximizing the nutrition in the food you cook.
This is also a great way for you to help change lives with Saladmaster®. We appreciate our hostesses and reward them with fantastic Saladmaster incentives just for hosting a FREE dinner. Hosting Guide (pdf)

Saladmaster® will: prepare a complete gourmet dinner, funish all the food, arrive 15 - 30 minutes before the dinner show, and on your first show present you with the world famous Saladmaster machine. Our main goal is to be able to book more dinner shows at your show.

Your only requirements: have 3 married couples over for the dinner (one spouse must be gainfully employed, husband and wife must be present), Funish all forks, spoons, plates, serving bowls, and beverages (no alocoholic beverages). You may host up to four dinner shows and receive all four Saladmaster® gifts abosolutely FREE. Gifts: Saladmaster Machine, 5qt Wok, 8 piece knife set, Tea Kettle.


At your dinner show we will provide you and your guests the opportunity to purchase the finest cookware in the industry. We are NOT high pressure sales people. Most people who see our FREE dinners fall in love with our products and choose to invest into their health. Our dinners are educational and informative. We make it a priority to add value to you and your family by educating you about health and nutrition. All Saladmaster® products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Saladmaster® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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