Saladmaster's® Cooking Technology MAXIMIZES NUTRITION and FLAVOR!

Enemies of Nutrition: Where did all the nutrients go?

Peeling Vegetables

One thing we should never do is peel our vegetables. Why? Because valuable vitamins and minerals are found just beneath the skin. This is normally the first thing we do before we cook our vegetables. A potato with the skin contains more Vitamin C than an orange and just as much potassium as a banana.

Cooking in Water

Cooking in water dissolves nutrition. Color= Vitamins, Flavor = Minerals. If you cooked carrots in a pot full of water, the vitamins and minerals would begin to dissolve and you would immediately see orange water. As a result, you end up serving flavorless carrots with little to no nutrition. In fact, you end up pouring the orange water down the drain. Children aren't dumb. This maybe why they don't like vegetables. And because they have no flavor we add butter, sugar, and salt.

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Excessive Heat

According to research we should not cook our vegetables over 200°F because vitamins and minerals are heat sensitive. Boiling (212°F) - Is boiling your vegetables good or bad? BAD. Steaming (232°F) - Even hotter! At this temperature germs and bacteria are killed. This is why hospitals use autoclaves - which are used to kill germs and bacteria. So when we steam our vegetables what are we doing to the nutrients? DESTROYING THEM. The MICROWAVE OVEN is the worst offender. It gets anywhere from 400° to 1200°F, completely destroying nutrition.

Using Oil to Cook Your Food

Doctors tell us to eliminate bad fats and oils from our diet. They can clog our arteries and make it easier to put on unwanted weight.


With Saladmaster® you don't have to peel your vegetables, cook in water, or use harmful oils, and with Saladmaster's® Vapo Valve technology you can fully cook your vegetables under 200° helping you to feel better, look better, and live longer. Here's proof:

A study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Department of Food and Science and Hazelton Laboratory on cooking methods. The study showed that Saladmaster® retains an astonishing 93% of all nutrients in our foods... that's better than double versus any other method of cooking.